Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Advice from Mercedes Bun

1. Keep your people busy. It's called Labor Day for a reason.

2. Discourage them from taking a trip. You've just got them trained, you don't want to spend the time breaking in new staff. You come first.

3. They shouldn't spend so much time in the sun. It causes premature aging and skin cancer. They should be indoors, tending to your needs. (Except for any outdoor excursions you may have planned or tending to your vegetable garden.)

4. Most of all relax and enjoy the day, it's hard to run a household up to bun standards.


  1. Oh my goodness. Where do I buy your painting?

  2. @Lisa Glad you like it, but it's not a painting--when I'm doing the photo editing (basic Kodak Easyshare that came with my camera) if there's a picture that didn't quite turn out how I liked I try to salvage it by using the "cartoon" option.