Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Glimpses

Here we all had a good holiday despite the weather conditions. Everyone got more than enough stuff, except of course the buns(in their opinion) , though they made out like bandits as the pictures will attest. The "over-the-top" stocking was given to the buns by their aunt and cat cousins as was the "Santa, I've been a good cat" stocking. Their aunt spoils all furs rotten. The furs disapproved of having their stockings imaged with their gifts in them, some fear that said gifts might disappear in the process. Also, the buns refused all Xmas photo ops, so there is a Thanksgiving boxbun photo. (We'll leave out all mention of the bun fight over the stockings: Years ago, Mercedes let Bertie take control of the white rabbit stocking since she could have a bigger one, although plain. Now that there is a huge bun stocking with bells, sequins, velvet, and a pompom, Bertie is maneuvering to relinquish the smaller stocking, or better yet, to add the new stocking to his white rabbit stocking to make up for perceived inequities over the years.)

Happy, Healthy, and Hoppy Holidays to you and yours!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

We Need a Little Xmas, Right This Very Minute

This has been a challenging week. The 12 Days of Boxes has been postponed indefinitely, but the buns decided they wanted to open one of their Xmas presents early. Of course, after treats, their favorite presents involve cardboard, so they wanted to open their Tunnel Haven from Binky Bunny.

Presently they are feigning disinterest. Mercedes wants to know why she would want to give up her current box she has so thoroughly customized. Bertie thinks he should fortify himself for whatever lies ahead. Future posts should show the fate of the tunnel--in a number of ways it may not be pretty. Happy and Hoppy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The 2nd day of the 12 Days of Boxes has been postponed owing to circumstances beyond our control. We hope to resume tomorrow.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Twelve Days of Boxes

In the Xmas spirit, and to chronicle the stages of box sculpting, in the next 12 days I hope to post the life cycle of 2 boxes, 1 square and 1 rectangular. These will be new boxes, sealed either at the top and bottom or the sides, with no holes cut. The object will be to determine how the rabbits will react to said boxes and how the attacks will begin. It is not clear how this research will turn out: it is possible the rabbits will stack the boxes and escape their exercise pen, it is also possible that they will ignore the boxes and begin to tunnel out through the vinyl/concrete floor. Two boxes will be used in order to reduce the choices involved and compress the time period as well as two boxes fit the space better than four boxes.

Today I post pictures of the last of their original four boxes. It did have two holes cut in it, so we will be using this for comparative purposes. On the top left, we have a view of the box top, since there were pre-cut holes in two of the box's sides, there was not much need to attack from above. The top right photo shows a view of the box from the exterior to the interior, it will be interesting to see how the pattern changes when the buns create their own entrances. The third photo illustrates some of the peeling technique used in sculpting the inside of the box.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Veg Monday

"Vegging out" is just another expression that buns interpret differently than humans. The box in the background is the last one standing of the four they received not too long ago. I think with the next set of boxes, instead of cutting 2 entry/exit holes and letting the buns take it from there, I will just seal the top and bottom and allow them to choose their own entry/exit points. I am also curious to see if the boxes last longer this way.