Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fargo the Orange Fluff

Waldo the Wonder Cat

Smitty the Feral Lion Princess

Mercedes the Chinchilla Mix Mellow Bun

Bertie the Hyperactive Mini Rex

Cleo the Tortoiseshell Princess

It is very difficult for 6 animals, 2 house rabbits and 4 house cats to ride herd on a couple of humans and still have time for naps and recreational activities, but we manage OK most days. The Fab Furs include Cleo, the Tortoiseshell Princess; Bertie, the Mini Rex; Mercedes, the Chinchilla mix; Fargo, the orange fluff; Smitty, the Lion Princess; and Waldo, the Wonder Cat. This is our first experience with communicating with the outside world electronically and we hope to make the most of it and expand our dominion. Please feel free to leave comments (food would be nice but we understand that it does not transmit well through cables).