Monday, September 20, 2010

Free the Bun Monday

After an exciting weekend that saw the new refrigerator arrive Friday night in time for weekend vegetable storage and the death of the spin cycle on the washer on Sunday , we are happy to report that things (uncharacteristically) on Monday are looking up. The washer has been fixed and can now return to doing bunny laundry as necessary and the cats have been released from their respective prisons (GE repair specifically requests that animals be sequestered, otherwise they won't do the service). Bertie Bun, however, is still incarcerated in the family room with only Mercedes Bun and depleted kibble and vegetable dishes for company. Can you hear his plaintive SOS thumps (Free the Bun! Free the Bun!) where you are? Seriously, he gets stressed out when he's in the living room with the cats and prefers the family room where he can hold sway over Mercedes: he's just into drama and likes to maximize his haul of carrots and bananas.


  1. I liking the teacup for drinking, it adds to the whole mad tea party atmosphere that seems to permeate the life of a bun.