Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't Assume

Sunday night I had thought of a great post for Monday bunday. The buns had been working their way through a bunch of broccolini, getting 2 pieces with each of their salad servings, and each time Bertie would run off to eat his piece in solitude and then return to wrest Mercedes' from her. On Monday morning they would be down to their last piece, so I assumed that Bertie would run away with that solitary stalk and I could entitle the resulting picture:

"The name is Bun. Bert Bun.

I like my broccolini stolen, not shared."

So on Monday morning after serving the buns, I'm all ready with the camera. What kind of shots present themselves? Shots of Bertie, the sole eater of the broccolini, but eating it placidly next to Mercedes with no sign of flight or fight.

Never assume what a bun will do. I think they knew the shot I wanted and simply decided not to cooperate.

Oh well.

Then,today, Fargo said he wanted to give a meow out to all those cats who live with buns. Or maybe it was a cry for help.

So, I'm all ready to take the photo, and Fargo's in good voice, because I fed the buns first and he had wanted to be fed first. When I presented Fargo with the camera, what did he do? He certainly didn't meow. He didn't even really give me a chance at a good shot. I think the buns are a bad influence on him.

I did get Fargo to do a Toesday shot, because he wasn't aware of it. Happy Toesday!


  1. Mickey takes great pride in not posing exactly as I want him to when I have an idea for a picture for a post. I finally gave up and just take pictures when I can and hope I get something post-worthy.

  2. For bunns, just normal. For cats - well - cats are weird. Now, take Kitty Boy --- PLEASE?