Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cleocatra Update

Cleo is doing better, her kitty dementia was adversely affecting other issues caused by old age. She is back to hissing at the other cats if they invade her space/try to eat any food that she wants. She has borrowed a one level cage from the buns for those times when she is caught in a circling loop/just wants to shut the door on the outside world. The buns were also kind enough to lend her one of their fleecy mats that they weren't using and now that the weather is becoming more wintry she will probably also use the microwavable heating disk.

The buns will have photo/s of their latest box deconstruction up tomorrow.


  1. It's not easy getting old. Cleocat is lucky to have you to take care of her. Kisses to her if she likes 'em....

  2. @d.moll, Thanks. To kiss Cleo,even now, is to court death.