Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Disapproval Level Critical: Avatars in Use

The rabbits have designated avatars which will appear when the rabbits are too overwhelmed to demonstrate their disapproval of events in person.

Here is the small disapproval avatar:

Here is the large disapproval avatar:

When these two avatars appear together, the disapproval level is in the critical range.

This incident began on Sunday when their room began to be renovated. Usually Sunday is just bun laundry and general tidy-up day, but this past Sunday I took apart their 3-level storage-grid-squares cage, including the pegboard base and ramps and coroplast inserts. I then re purposed the grids into an extension for their existing connected exercise pens. Basically, they will be living primarily on one level now unless they climb on their boxes.

There are still some things to be added. Today we go get some concrete forms to use as tunnels (these are really rabbit-proof too). Tomorrow will probably be devoted to getting boxes to replace the tattered ones left from their fort. The final project will probably be done (more or less) by the weekend.

So far the rabbits seem to like the extra floor space, but they thoroughly disapprove over not having had plan approval. Of course, all plans are subject to their final disapproval, because if it doesn't work for them, they will make sure it doesn't work for us.


  1. Bunnies are master planners and should always be consulted first. *thump*

  2. Great avatars. Be careful. With those high disapproval levels, you might need HAZMAT suits.

  3. Trouble there .. I can feel it in the wires. Those avatars can do magic I fear.

  4. Ok...those avatars are hilarious!

    Bunnies are the most difficult clients to design for. They are always so controlling and want to be the boss. hee,hee,hee.

  5. OMG love the avatars, you can get red tagged for renovating without approval.....

  6. Love the avatars. As for the renovations, they are never done until the rabbits sink their teeth in and fix what the humans do....

  7. Ohhh boy. You didn't get their approval first? It doesn't matter if they love it, you need prior authorization. How could you not know that?!