Monday, August 30, 2010

Bun Mon

It's been two weeks now since the buns' area was renovated. Let's see how it's holding up.

Brand new, entrances on two sides of box and none on front. Interior is pristine.

Two weeks later. Note the new door under construction on the FedEx side and how carefully the sub floor is being revealed in the interior shot. There would be more debris if I didn't sweep them up periodically, much to the buns' disgust.


  1. It took me awhile to realize how much buns like flat cardboard on the floor (or a box w a floor in it). Biffy builds beautiful nests if I fold a box flat and give it to him. Carve out a customized contour, and use the debris for comfort bedding! Perfect.

  2. Looking good, the box is still structurally sound and it really did need an opening on the front, there is no denying that.

  3. Bunnies always know where the doors should go. Humans get it wrong every time.

  4. Looks like pretty good work .. more to come.