Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fargo is a Winner!

Fargo (aka The Great Pumpkin) is over the moon at having won The Moose-tacular Giveaway over at Karen M.'s and Weasley's blog Rabbits Eat Quilts

While the analytical minds of Bertie and Mercedes want to know if Weasley feels that his papaya treats were sufficient compensation for being awakened; they are thinking of opening up a bunlaw website to deal with such legal matters.


  1. A rabbit studying the law is not a very pleasant thing to contemplate. Who got them sarted on that????

  2. Congratulations, Fargo!

    Mr. Mick is willing to offer his skills in negotiating treat dispensation to anybun who needs assistance while Bertie and Mercedes get a law put into place.

  3. Congrats Fargo! (And TFF). Every time I ask Jon what field I should pursue, he says I should practice Bunny Law. So maybe in a couple more years I can team up with Bertie and Mercedes.

  4. I'm going into hiding from the bun police. Maybe I need a Kitty Lawyer for my defense attorney!