Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Reboot

One of the pumpkins was reintroduced to the buns'pen. Here are the photos that ensued.

Bertie and Mercedes inspect the re-introduced pumpkin.

Pumpkin jail.

Buns ignore pumpkin interloper.

Mercedes rests her case against the pumpkin.


  1. i guess my buns are just pumpkin fanatics, Harriet was eating a pumpkin THROUGH the fence

  2. @d.moll: I'm afraid that even if my buns encountered one of those giant pumpkin contest winners in their space, they would merely use it as a step stool to climb out in order to chew on the fireplace bricks. You go, Harriet!

  3. We haven't had pumpkins before either. But I wonder, maybe if you cut open the first one, so they can smell the gooey yummyness, and then they will realize and go pumpkin crazy?

  4. No pumpkin eaters around here, just on quilts. ;)
    Hannah would eat that rug Mercedes is on. She's so naughty with rugs and carpet!

  5. Must be a wussy pumpkin to take that disapproval "lying down".

  6. Poor pumpkin, jailed AND snubbed. :(