Monday, March 28, 2011

Destructive vs. Constructive: The Bun Debate

The buns were having a chat around the kibble bowl this morning.

Bertie: "I really don't see why she calls our artful managing of our environment "destructive", I think it is a very "constructive" use of material, space, and time."

Mercedes: "There's no accounting for human perceptions of reality, Bertie. I mean, look at her interest in these human spaces that rent equipment to alter materials and claim they allow for humans to "express themselves" like TechShop. How is that any different than what we can do without any tools? If you ask me, I think she's just jealous that we come with the equipment to do the job and she has to go out and get hers."

Bertie: "I guess you're right, Mercedes. Probably the best we can hope for is to teach her to get us the "right" kibble, hay, treats, and surroundings and then to leave us alone."

Mercedes: "I think you'd be setting yourself up for disappointment if you hoped for anything more."


  1. I dunno, bunnehs--I'm seeing some architecture in those pics that is looking surprisingly un-bunstructed. Far be it for a dumb human to imply that anybun might be slacking in their work, but you might want to get to chewing something other than the fat if you want people to be impressed. ;)

  2. They are right she is jealous.....

  3. I guess it is Bunny Logic at work there. Our only salvation is that all the remnants get in the compost pile to help grow more carrots.

  4. Perhaps "deconstruction" would sit better with them than "destruction." Who knows?