Monday, December 13, 2010

Twelve Days of Boxes

In the Xmas spirit, and to chronicle the stages of box sculpting, in the next 12 days I hope to post the life cycle of 2 boxes, 1 square and 1 rectangular. These will be new boxes, sealed either at the top and bottom or the sides, with no holes cut. The object will be to determine how the rabbits will react to said boxes and how the attacks will begin. It is not clear how this research will turn out: it is possible the rabbits will stack the boxes and escape their exercise pen, it is also possible that they will ignore the boxes and begin to tunnel out through the vinyl/concrete floor. Two boxes will be used in order to reduce the choices involved and compress the time period as well as two boxes fit the space better than four boxes.

Today I post pictures of the last of their original four boxes. It did have two holes cut in it, so we will be using this for comparative purposes. On the top left, we have a view of the box top, since there were pre-cut holes in two of the box's sides, there was not much need to attack from above. The top right photo shows a view of the box from the exterior to the interior, it will be interesting to see how the pattern changes when the buns create their own entrances. The third photo illustrates some of the peeling technique used in sculpting the inside of the box.


  1. What a great lagomorph research project!

  2. Yes. Yes. This does appear to be properly organized to gain maximum result. All options and condidtions have been faithfully considered.

    The experiment is hereby approved, certified, photo'd, cross-referenced, assigned an ISBN number, and queued for Netflix and YouTube. If you activate your FaceBook Wall we will be prepared to post progress there as well.

    Results will qualify for Guiness Book of Records and/or Nobel Peace Prize.

    Proceeds must be donated to us.