Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Demon Cat aka Our Newest Cat Cousin

I have a difficult time persuading Bertie and Mercedes to pose for the camera or remain still enough so that they are not blurs or seemingly invisible, so today I thought I would treat you to a look at their newest cat cousin. He is a Siamese kitten named Damien. When you think about the three elements: Siamese, kitten, named after the child character in "The Omen", it is only natural that around here we refer to him as "Demon".

Since my sister likes cats and is difficult to shop for, it is also only natural that she receives a lot of "cat-themed" gifts. (See what you have to look forward to RG and Bunnygirl.) Most recently, other than cat toys, I found a glass artist who has a shop on eBay under the moniker "lotsasalsa". Patricia is a wizard at recreating photos of the cats I have sent her into fused glass creations. For my sister, this glass art of Demon is the latest in the "Cats in Hats" series.

The Demon Cat in Glass

The Demon Cat Captured in a Photograph

May all your demons be so cute.


  1. Just adorable! I love siameses and now I want a Hef glass!

  2. What a CUTE demon!!

    Glad to find some other cat and rabbit maniacs. I love what you did with "Danny Boy" in your Houseful of Rabbits comment.