Friday, August 7, 2009

It's been a week . . .

It's been a week since Waldo passed and 4 years since Fred, still:

Memories echo
Through the house and its' dwellers
Of our sweet kitties


  1. It's kind of scary how much we miss our furry friends. I know Waldo is missed and is sharing happy memories with Fred at the Bridge.

  2. Hope all is well there ... we sure enjoy our comments!

  3. Er .. ooops .. we mean YOUR comments!!! :<)

  4. Note from Ankles:
    About the hay bale--If you know someone with horses, you might be able to buy a single flake of hay from them. They may even GIVE you a flake. Some horses waste more in a day than a rabbit can eat in a week! The average bale divides itself into 11 flakes.
    You might join with other local bunslaves to co-op your hay bales.

  5. Not only do we miss our furry family members, but their furry family mates do, too. We lost our cat, Stormy at age 16 back in March. Her best buddy cat, PetCat, her companion for most of his 12 years, was just lost for weeks without her. He seems to have recovered, but life isn't the same without ol' Storm.